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Getting Started

The submission process consists of two parts: 1) the application form and 2) PDF document upload. Both are required. Before using this portal to submit an application or upload documents, please read the ePlan Review Submission Requirements and FAQs, and follow the recommended steps for preparing and submitting documents. Additional information can be found using the links in the help menu available in the page header of this site. For technical support, please contact our ePlan Helpdesk at 703-228-7638 or PlanReview@arlingtonva.us. For all other questions related to your permit or project, please contact Arlington County Permitting Offices at 703-228-3800.

Paying Permit Fees

Deposits are required for many building permit projects and must be paid before plan review will begin. No deposit payment is required for building permits qualifying for express processing or for LDA permits, however, all Building Permit and LDA projects will require a final payment prior to permit issuance. For CEP projects, fees are typically due after the 1st review cycle is complete.

Payment may now be remitted online (eCheck/Credit), in person (Check/Credit/Debit), or by mail (Check only). You will be notified when a payment is required, and you will be presented with a Pay Now button when accessing the project. In person payments will continue to be received at the Permitting Office counters on the 8th and 10th floors of Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201.

Minimum Acceptance Criteria

For LDA and CEP projects, we have a presubmission process that includes checking plans for the minimum required criteria that make up a complete plan for submission. Please view the minimum acceptance criteria checklist for LDA, CEP, and As-Built projects prior to submitting, and include the appropriate completed checklist as a document with your submission.